Since Spring 2019 I have been collaborating with Manchester Jewish Museum as the lead artist for their programming related to food.

Using diverse examples of Jewish food as a starting point, we are exploring cultural food connections related to the theme of belonging. Food is considered as a traveller and migrant in terms of how certain foods and recipes arrived in Manchester and the roles they play within the Jewish communities. We are interested in exploring food as cultural identity, food as art and food as a means of bringing people together.

So far, in this project, we have grown our crowdsourced collection of recipes in exchange for food; hosted a Potluck Dinner; commissioned a new performance intervention by the Venus Collective which lead us to learn how to make teiglach through workshops; developed a model to bring at-home dinner parties themed around objects and stories from the Museum’s collection and held a community feast with contributions from a diversity of speakers. You can watch a short film of this event below: