A little bit about me...

Hello and welcome! As you can see, I wear lots of different hats, and this site will take you through the various kind of work I do and services I offer on a freelance basis. It offers an introduction to my artistic practice and information about my producing, writing and performance work. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Since 2012, I have been developing artworks under the collective title Homemade. Each piece in the series gently, poetically and playfully disrupts the familiar act of preparing, eating and sharing food. These pieces include performances, publications, workshops, public interventions, celebrations and recipes. My artistic practice with food is rooted in how eating together might help us imagine new (and perhaps more effective) ways of living together. This is also (more or less) the subject of my PhD research at the University of Leeds.


I have contributed to publications including The Guardian and the Sick of the Fringe, and co-run the food blog Hive & Hob. I have also previously worked as a journalist and editor. As with my artistic practice, my writing mostly focuses on social engaged arts, community and society, and how food can bring people together.

Matthews + Burtin

In 2014, I began collaborating with performance-maker, researcher and singer Ali Matthews. Our collaborative work is developed through dialogue, and each of our projects begins with a researched inquiry into issues that affect us directly. Our creative process draws on academic research, creative writing, music making and improvisation. The resulting work is always humorous and lighthearted. In short, we make a song and dance of our political woes.


Alongside my artistic practice, I work as a producer, artistic director, and project and events manager on a freelance basis for organisations which have included Making Room, Hear Me Roar festival, Ella Good & Nicki Kent, Imitating the Dog, The Conker Group and many more. From 2010 to 2018, I was an Associate Producer with Lancaster Arts, where I looked after artists’ development programmes and a number of commissioning projects.


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