Le Bistro is an ongoing project revolving around our personal connections to food and recipes. It works as a fully functional food stall where you pay for your meal with a recipe rather than with money. The recipe you “pay” with can be a family favourite, a handed down secret or a personal favourite – the important thing is the story attached to the food.
The piece is unashamedly socially engaged, facilitates conversations between strangers and encourages participants to consider the relationship their eating habits have to their (cultural) identity. It also examines our notion that monetary transactions are the only kind of meaningful exchange we can have in a capitalist society, gently suggesting that knowledge and stories are also valuable.

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You can read about the piece on Interactions‘ and New Theatre In Your Neighbourhood‘s blogs

Le Bistro was first created for Hazard. Photographs by Tamsin Drury. Costume Design by Robin Goodings.

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