From Portsmouth to Salford (and back again)

Call for Participants for ‘Taste of Pompey’

Young People

Are you a young person living in Portsmouth? Are you an aspiring chef, a curious cook or enthusiastic kitchen dabbler?

Or perhaps you are a keen storyteller, emerging poet or eager performer?

Lifelong Portsmouth Residents

Have you lived all your life in Portsmouth? Are you a local history buff, a Pompey slang know-it-all, or the kind of person who knows every pub landlord in town?

Or perhaps you know the best places to eat, the best blackberry spots on Milton common and the secret stashes of mushrooms and wild garlic on Portsea Island?

Newcomers, migrants and passersby

Have you just arrived in Portsmouth from another country, a newcomer to Pompey life or just passing through for a short while?

Are you looking to make friends in the community, find out the local secrets and the best foods to try?

Then join us!

Artists Laura Seddon and Leo Burtin are calling for participants to help them co-create a community food performance. Launching as part of Portsfest on 1st and 2nd July 2023, the performance explores our experiences of living in the city, what it means to be a community and what happens when we sit, cook and eat together.

Devised through workshops, we will ask what our city tastes like, and what stories best represent our evolving communities.

No previous experience is required and a small budget to support local travel expenses to workshops can be made available.

Interested or curious to find out more? Join us for an online chat on 7th June at 6 p.m. 

Click here to sign up!

Any questions? Email us:

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