For over two years, I have had the privilege to take up residence in Manchester Jewish Museum’s archives, seeking to find ways to animate our collection through making and sharing food.

Using diverse examples of Jewish food as a starting point, together with my collaborators, we have been investigating cultural food connections related to the Museum themes of Journeys, Identities, and Communities.

With the Museum team, I have explored food as cultural identity, food as art, and food as a means of bringing people together. Working with diverse participants, we have hosted community feasts, held workshops on and offline, produced films, and shared stories in a myriad of ways.

Today, we premiere a film directed by Jonny Randall which documents and reflects on ‘Eat the Archives’, a series of unique dinner parties hosted in people’s homes animating the remarkable stories of Jewish Mancunians through taste.

Join me online via the link above from 1 p.m. today to see the film.

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