I am very proud to have my performance The Midnight Soup be featured in the latest issue of Performance Research in an article by artist and academic Jenny Lawson entitled Transformative Taste-Encounters: Contemplations on life, death and relational bodies at the (culinary) artist’s table.

This article considers the potential and significance of taste as a transformative part of the theatrical and culinary experience. The cross-pollination between food and performance in restaurants and contemporary theatre is explored through an analysis of Reckless Sleepers’ The Last Supper, The Midnight Soup and restaurateur and chef, Simon Rogan’s ‘Tasting Menu’ served in his Michelin-starred restaurant L’Enclume.

It is a thoughtful and very rich article, and I am incredibly humbled to be referred to within the same pages as Reckless Sleepers and Simon Rogan.

To see the full abstract and for information on how to access the article, please see Taylor & Francis Online.


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