This month, I find myself in really good company as last Friday marked the start of my very final residency for The Midnight Soup at Live At LICA… what a ride…

In the gallery part of this site, you can see some lovely photos, courtesy of the equally lovely Caroline MacLennan, of a Breaking Bread I hosted, and if you’re in the neighbourhood you can see a little display I made for the Peter Scott Gallery around the programme’s theme “What Is A 21st Century Arts Centre?” 

So this is it… we’re nearly there, a week tomorrow, there will be a show, it’ll be almost the real thing… sure, we might have a think about lighting for a while longer, and get some nicer soup bowls ahead of the Autumn’s première… but really, this is it.

If you’re curious, you can come and see it… the details are here.

9 years ago, I decided I would make something with my grandmother, with her writing… I made a decision to celebrate her tiny life, of a tiny woman, in a tiny place… I thought, there are a lot of tiny people around, if we all get together, we can be giants… I thought I’ll do that… I’ll make a tiny show, for tiny people, like her, like me.

3 years and 10 days ago, she wrote her last page.

6 months ago, I started making the show.

6 months ago, I gathered things, I gathered people, I gathered myself…

6 months ago, I decided to make work in good company… of strangers, of friends…

In two and a half hours, I will be running a workshop… meeting a few new people, inviting them to a conversation, inviting them to play, inviting them to gently, playfully, disrupt the environment we will find ourselves in to make room for tiny people to be giants, for tiny people like us to have giant conversations…

In three days, I will open Le Bistroquetand we’ll share food, we’ll share recipes, we’ll share the things that matter most to us…

In eight days, this will be it. In eight days, there will be an end, but conclusion. In eight days, it all starts.

I can’t wait.



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